Donations can come in many varieties. Any one of these types of donations is critically needed to help support needy individuals and families here in the Bowling Green area. The donation you make is placed in the hands of our families who are in need of help to get themselves back on their feet. Without your help many of these individuals would not have anyone to turn to for help.


St Vincent de Paul of Bowling Green Food Pantries

St. Teresa Ministries supports two food banks in Bowling Green to assist those in the community that need emergency food assistance, helping lighten the burden of not having enough food.

Thrift Store Shopping For Clothes

Clothing and household items are a necessity that often take a back seat in order to take care of other needs that a family has. If clothing or household item assistance is needed we have options for those in need.

St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

Sometimes it’s those unexpected bills that can make or break a person’s or family’s ability to take care of themselves. If you are struggling to provide for your family and might be in need of financial assistance, we can help you.